General Introduction General Introduction

  School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is a sub-unit under Hanoi University of Science and Technology and is a core training and research institution in the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering with high autonomy. The main function of the School is degree training, scientific research and knowledge transfer in the fields of Electrical - Electronics and multimedia engineering.

The strategic goals of the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering are to:

- Be an institution that trains highly qualified human resources for the Electricity, Electronics and Telecommunications sectors with an integrated and interdisciplinary orientation of Electricity, Electronics and Telecommunications, meeting the requirements of human resources of the society as well as of the labor market. 

- Be a prestigious institution of research, development and application of interdisciplinary technology of Electricity, Electronics and Telecomunications in the country as well as in the region and the world;

- Be an attractive and reliable address for investment, cooperation and technology transfer for domestic and international organizations and businesses;

- Be an unit that plays an important role in the development of Vietnam's Electricity, Electronics and Telecommunications  industry, making an important contribution to the cause of socio-economic development, industrialization and modernization of the country, maintaining security and national defense. .

- Be one of the leading institutions, actively contributing to the overall development according to the development strategy of Hanoi University of Science and Technology.

Goals to 2030

The development goals for the period of 2021 - 2025 will be the basis for the goals of the next 5 years (2025 - 2030), to bring the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering to a new milestone of development with the following basic goals:

- Continue to maintain the number one position in Vietnam in training the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. 

- Become a prestigious training institution in Southeast Asia in the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, recognized by many partners and has extensive international cooperation in the field of scientific research, student and staff exchange, gradually increasing the number of international students who join the campus.

- Be a modern undergraduate and post-graduate training institution with international integration shown through: the number of English-taught programs; modern teaching methods, usage of digital infrastructure; internationally accredited training programs; the quality of bachelor/engineer/master/doctorate graduates highly appreciated by companies and the labor market; the increasing ratio of graduate students/PhD students to undergraduate students.


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